Red Cross of Constantine - West Midlands Division



Division of West Midlands - Obituary


Ill Kt Spencer T E Fenn PGChamb of Guys Cliffe Conclave No 411 died 22nd February 2019


Ill Kt John Bladon Rosson PGV/Chamb of St Mark Conclave No 361 died on 26th April 2019


Ill Kt Trevor Tomkins PDivHerald of Stroud Conclave No 360 who died on 12th May 2019


P Kt Kt Robert Pearce of Guys Cliffe Conclave No 411, Labarum 503, Richard Wallis No 520

who died on 12th June 2019


Ill Kt Edward David Humphries PGOrator of St George Conclave No 344

and The Marches Conclave No 512 who died on July 1st 2019


Ill Kt George S Lee PGPref of Forum Conclave No 455 who died on 5th July 2019


Wthy Kt Norman Burden formerly of Morning Star Conclave No 249 who died on 12th July 2019