Red Cross of Constantine - West Midlands Division

Grand Rank Appointments/Promotions

Intendant General        
Colin Verdan Young   Knight Commander of Constantine (KCC)    
Active Ranks        
Rev Justin T Parker   Grand Sub-Prelate  
First Appointment        
James F P Mulligan   Past Grand Std Bearer (L)  
George S Lee   Past Grand Prefect  
Donald E Preddy   Past Grand Prefect    
Michael B Smith   Past Grand Prefect    
Keith R Stevens   Past Grand Prefect    
Brian J Auty   Past Grand Warden of Regagia    
Stephen J Wall   Past Grand Warden of Regagia    
John L Saint   Past Grand Vice-Chamberlain    
Thomas W Gray   Past Grand Herald    
Dr Michael G T Grillage   Past Grand Std Bearer (L)  
George W Leech   Past Grand Std Bearer (L)    

Please join the Intendent-General and Deputy Intendent-General in congratulating the above Knights on this excellent news as we now look forward to the Annual Investiture Meeting.